4 Results for month: 10/2018

Wednesday Night Time Trials Are Back!

Now we are back into summer time, our Wednesday evening 7.6km Time Trials at Lions Park, Wyong begin on 24th October. Start times from 4:45 to about 5:05, to finish at 5:45pm. This is an ideal venue for anyone starting an exercise program, or looking for a health promoting activity. Please let me know if you are ... More

Results from Winter Series Race 6, 14th October 2018

The rain cleared, but some wind soon replaced it, mainly felt by the 11.35km paddlers at the "bottom" turn, near the lake. Despite a PB, Cameron Mehmet was overtaken by Gina Weekes, in her best performance since Race 1 this year, leading the combined "field" of 15km and 11.35km entrants. Clive Adams had his best race ... More

Results from Winter Series Race 5, 7th October 2018

We dodged the rain, which was on and off later. A bit of light wind made for fairly good conditions, possibly slightly faster than last week. The "11.35km mob" had light cross winds at Tacoma, unlike last week, when there was wind assisting once returning from the bottom turn. It was a close finish in the 7.58km section, ... More

Results from Winter Series Race 4, 30th September 2018

Luckily, no repeat of Saturday's southerly buster! We enjoyed pleasant conditions, on and off, the water, with a satisfying attendance for a long weekend. There were three distances available, with the three 7.58km entrants racing separately to the other distances. New member, Mark Fuller - a sea kayaker - travelled from ... More