2 Results for month: 08/2018

Results from Winter Series Race 3, 12th August 2018

Sunny, but windy at times for the first 15km this year.  We did notice the wind when heading upstream from the 7.58km turn - those doing the 15km feeling it twice! The 11.35km participants enjoyed nearly four kilometres of calm water at Tacoma. John needed an "early start", but the "finish time" for all others was ... More

Results from Race 9 PNSW Marathon Series, Teralba

Eight Paddlers represented Central Coast Paddlers at PNSW Round 9 at Teralba 4th August 2018 in breezy, but fine,conditions. It was cool before race time, but the sunshine was warm, where available. Cam Tunbridge, paddling with Gene Burns from Hunter Valley, finished sixth in a larger than normal Division 1. Mick ... More