Results from Winter Series Race 3, 12th August 2018

Sunny, but windy at times for the first 15km this year.
 We did notice the wind when heading upstream from the 7.58km turn – those doing the 15km feeling it twice! The 11.35km participants enjoyed nearly four kilometres of calm water at Tacoma.
John needed an “early start”, but the “finish time” for all others was 10:30am.
I wrongly assumed that Max would stay with the 11.58km, but he elected to do the 15km, so had to start about eight minutes late.
Mick had the fastest time.
Full results can be found here!
The “30km” will have two 11.35km laps and one 7.58km, 2nd September.
Thank you Diana, for “Morning tea”, and Diana and Margaret for Starting and Timekeeping.
AGM Report soon!