Results from Winter Series Race 4, 30th September 2018

Luckily, no repeat of Saturday’s southerly buster! We enjoyed pleasant conditions, on and off, the water, with a satisfying attendance for a long weekend.
There were three distances available, with the three 7.58km entrants racing separately to the other distances. New member, Mark Fuller – a sea kayaker – travelled from Sydney for his first race at Wyong, and gave a favourable report, following his win, on the “new experience!” James Sealy was close behind, and John Wood was a little later than usual, following the 75th Jaywick Anniversary Paddle on Brisbane water, on Saturday. He and I joined over a dozen other Paddlers, mostly in sea kayaks, on the return trip to Point Clare, from Lions Park, Woy Woy. The well-planned ceremony was both interesting and informative. Most elected to paddle back, against the tide and increasing southerly wind. Safety craft were provided by Marine Rescue and Water Police. By the time I washed the kayak, John needed to hold it, while I strapped it on the car!
Gina Weekes improved on her recent form, to “get the nod” in the 15km section. Despite already doing a 15km “warm-up”, Marg and Rob Cook were close behind, with Visitor Guy Holloway third. Alby Cobb was next, with Anne Moore and Visitor Charly Wellard next, with an anticipated improved speed on their 30km start – good training for their HCC campaign. Mick Carroll earned “fastest” with a consistent performance, while Warwick Nichols is still training his new “steed.” Max Lyons “whipped in” the field due to a late start.
The 11.35km, and 15km, contestants finished within a couple of minutes of “finish time” as planned – good co-operation from paddlers!
Spurred on by Gina’s example, Owen, Rob, and I, made a desperate sprint for the line, but could not match her speed. I must thank Rob for setting a cracking pace, and giving me a wash ride for nearly nine kilometres. Ray Weekes again put in a solid performace.
Full results can be found here!
7.5km Time Trials at Lions Park are set for 10th October – please let me know what time suits you – around 5:00/5:30pm – so we can choose.