Results from Winter Series Race 6, 14th October 2018

The rain cleared, but some wind soon replaced it, mainly felt by the 11.35km paddlers at the “bottom” turn, near the lake.

Despite a PB, Cameron Mehmet was overtaken by Gina Weekes, in her best performance since Race 1 this year, leading the combined “field” of 15km and 11.35km entrants.

Clive Adams had his best race since June last year.

Max Lyons held out the fast finishing (and fastest, today) Mick Carroll in the longer distance, with Alby Cobb third.

David Hopkins and Rob McPherson handled the conditions well.

Ray Weekes found the waves at the turn slowed his progress, Warwick Nichols had a swim, checking out a following paddler, and Heidi Duncan was battling the effects of a fifty one kilometre training paddle yesterday!

Full results can be found here!

Clive and Alby won the Lucky Prizes today.

We all wish everyone involved with the Hawkesbury Classic a safe weekend.

We have decided to postpone the first Wednesday evening Time Trial, this season, until the 24th October.

Safe paddling!