CCCC President’s Doubles, 19th March 2017

Eleven double craft started under overcast skies, but most finished in a downpour!

The winning team, in a Macquarie, trimmed nearly two minutes off their time set in late January. Congratulations Russell Brown and Sally Verheul from Newy Paddlers.

Charly Wellard and Guy Holloway – Double Fenn  – also from Newy Paddlers – reduced their previous best here by 42 seconds.

Marg and Rob Cook, again piloting their SLR2, improved by one minute and 20 seconds! Congratulations to both mixed teams. (Sadly, Marg and Rob had to part with the Trophy they have held for two years!)

Steve Hill and myself – in a similar Macquarie – could only manage a reduction of 42 seconds – and we accepted some “assistance” from the two craft ahead!

Brisbane Water Paddlers – Craig Dodd and Alby Cobb, in Alby’s SLR2 – could not quite match their 2016 PDD time but still had fastest time today! Excellent effort!

The happy local “Double Dragon” crew of Jack and Jenny Ward were a little off their best pace, but were still within forty seconds of Handicap Finish Time. As were Jim Buckland and Rob McPherson, close behind them.

The recently formed Newy Lady Team of Helen McNaughton and Karrel Hack paddled the Mirage 730 confidently for their eighth placing.

Local, Mick Carroll, and BWP’s Mark Porter, chose to test themselves by paddling the CCCC Zulu – a fast but challenging K2! They were only twenty-one seconds off the fastest time.

In yet another SLR2, was our Max Lyons and Ozzie StClair – only a few seconds away.

Marni Kay and Debbie Quain also set themselves a hard test in a K2, as it was Debbie’s first such experience! A mechanical failure further complicated matters!

Thank you Timekeepers Margaret and Diana! And all who pitched in and packed gear away in the very wet conditions.

Results, and pics, (courtesy Darren and Steve), can be seen at



Results can be found at  President’s Doubles Results