CCCC Time Trial 15, 15th March 2017 and President’s Doubles Reminder

The rain cleared away well before Start time, for a calm, sunny afternoon. Just about ideal conditions, with only a slight flow downstream in the discoloured “fresh” water. The “Top Guns”- Mick Carroll, Cam Tunbridge and the two OC1 Paddlers – who were following their rigorous training plans, which involved a couple of laps of the lower River, had begun nearly half an hour earlier.
After only 700 metres, it looked like I was headed for a drenching! But it diverted to the north, and almost became sunny again!
Making good time with the flow, I wondered how much slower, and harder, the return trip would be! I was missing the encouragement of my usual doubles partner, though the Flyer was being co-operative!
After the turn, I noted how far back the chasing K2 crew were – Jim Buckland and Rob McPherson – and it was looking like a PB was needed to hold them out.
Meanwhile, Clive Adams was busy improving his last performance by twenty-odd seconds, and was not going to be caught!
I managed an equal Series PB, and a margin of a couple of lengths!
The President’s Doubles at Lions Park this Sunday will be fiercely contested by some experienced and wily Paddlers! Entries are still open! $10 Entry per craft. Winners Prizes will be won, and Lucky prizes drawn also. Starts from 9:00, for a 10:15am Finish. Tea, coffee, etc afterwards.
See you there?