2023-04-02 CCP Summer Series Race 04

2023-04-02 CCP Summer Series Race 04

Hi Members and Friends,
Having looked at the “weather predictions,” we were still optimistic about holding today’s event. But we became alarmed when a severe weather warning was issued for Gosford and Wyong!
We pooled our resources, (devices,) and quickly determined that the inclusion of Wyong was misplaced, in spite of the dark sky to the south!
The race was run with no rain! A shower did occur at midday, but quickly cleared for a partly sunny day until late afternoon.

In a concession to the weather, the Starters started the three “backmarkers,” (who raced as a “Squad,”) four minutes early – to be adjusted later. PBs for each of them! A graphic demonstration of the benefit of “working together!
And a significant PB for HVPC Visitor Mick Beldzinski!

There were three PBs in the 7.62km section as well! Was the threat of threatening weather an incentive? Brian, (big improvement), Max (impressive), and Visitor Sue, (superb effort!)

Marnie, (of K2 fame,) and Vernice, won the Lucky Prizes.

Great to see the efficient “Starter/Timekeeper” Team of Margaret and Diana in action again – thank you Ladies!

We have decided to cancel the President’s Doubles due to a clash with HVPC, lack of preparation, and other commitments.