2023-05-07 CCP Summer Series Race 6

2023-05-07 CCP Summer Series Race 06

Hi Members and Friends,
As predicted, we had good conditions for the race, with just a light westerly wind. Afterwards, a little cold rain – just a nuisance – then it cleared up. It was not until about 1:30pm that we got the nasty storm front.
First home, in the 7.62km section, was Alan Pierson, from HVPC, who we have not seen since January ’21. Still paddling C1 style, in a sleek new Elliot Extreme, he improved his time – slightly.
Ossie improved by over a minute, Sue by 26 seconds.
Allan was closest to Handicap Finish Time, with Brian recording the third PB today, by one second!
Clive and I were only slightly slower than last race, but Max was not at his best. (Note: I paddled “early” to assist Margaret with the finishes, but President Nathan was unexpectedly “on hand!”)
Peter’s craft became unstable, as it was taking on water.
In the 11.35km race, the duo of Russell and Marni just headed Marnie – again, with Ray only one second behind! Andrew – fourth.
Allan, and Andrew, won the Luck Prizes.
Thank you Margaret and Nathan for Timekeeping, and all others for helping with the various tasks.