2019 CCP Presentation

Hi Members and Friends,

The 2019 CCP Presentation was held at Wyong Bowling Club 24th November – thank you to the Wyong Bowling Club for providing the room.

Also thanks to Owen Walton for taking photographs of the presentation, which are included in this post.

President Mick Carroll welcomed, and thanked everyone, for coming.
He reflected on the many achievements of our Members during the past year, in addition to Club activities, and thanked our hard working, much appreciated, Timekeepers.

Medals were awarded for the handicapped competitions,
In the 7.5km Summer Series –
1st David Hopkins, 2nd Nick Naughton, 3rd Owen Walton.
7.5km Winter Series –
1st John Wood, (2nd Jess Hagan, 3rd David Hoey).
11.35km Summer Series –
(1st Warwick Nichols), 2nd Mick Carroll, 3rd Rob McPherson.
11.35km Winter Series –
1st Nick Naughton, (2nd Warwick Nichols,) 3rd Mick Carroll.
Super 15 – (the four 15km races preceding the HCC) –
(1st Cam Tunbridge,) 2nd Rob McPherson, equal 3rd Mick Carroll and Nathan Podlich.

Names were added to the Perpetual 30km Van Stappen Trophy and the Handicappers Trophy –
Van Stappen Trophy (Members) – Mick Carroll.
Handicappers Trophy – (for Single Craft) –
Non – Members – Male – Brett Greenwood, Female – Laura Lee.
Members – Male – Mick Carroll, Female – Anne Moore.
( our annual 30km Race was included in the PaddleNSW “Ultra Series” this year, and run on an extended course over approximately eight kilometres of Wyong River. It was well attended, including two 20 seat Dragon Boats).

Presidents Award –
Nathan Podlich.

Presents for Timekeepers, Diana Hopkins and Margaret Naughton.

Combined Series Competition –
(1st Warwick Nichols,) 2nd Mick Carroll, 3rd Clive Adams.

Nick Naughton,