Results from Winter Series Race 7, 4th November 2018

Mercifully, it was not as hot as the past couple of days!
There was a brisk Nor’easter which made it hard going for the first half for Ray, Ross and I!
Unaffected though – and improved on previous times – were Rob McPherson (especially, all time PB! Congratulations!), Warwick Nichols, Marg & Rob Cook, Clive Adams (2018 PB Well done!), David Hopkins, Gina Weekes and visiting HVPC Member, Sally Verhuel.
Full results can be found here!
Marg and Rob Cook’s performance was notable, as they were backing up after a successful Hawkesbury Classic last weekend!
Our Heidi Duncan also had a triumph in the Classic, as well as Anne Moore piloting the SLR2 with Newy’s Charly Wellard.
CCP President, Mick Carroll also recorded a good time in the “eventful” Classic, this year – a broken down Ferry caused delays for some at Wisemans Ferry, and rough conditions caused some mandatory withdrawals at Spencer! (I believe).
Club Presentation at the Bowlo is on 25th November. Numbers of Members attending is necessary for the complimentary Lunch. Please let me know.
Thank you Marg for Morning Tea and Timekeeping with Diana, “hardware” by James Sealy.
We wish Anne Moore a very speedy recovery, after scheduled surgery earlier this week! Hope to see you soon!
See attached pic of Members in their new Uniforms donated by Central Coast Council. Thank you Ross Fraser for successfully applying for the Grant and organising the order.