CCCC Time Trial 12, 22nd February 2017

The strong wind gusts didn’t stop us, but they did slow us down!
Rob McPherson, in his Flash, seemed unperturbed by the conditions, establishing a sizable lead toward the final quarter of the 7.5km, almost reaching 10km/hr.
Jim Buckland, however, was slowed by the conditions, and was a little “off the pace.”
Speedster, Mick Carroll, resuming after a short “spell”, following the trip to the Wagga Wagga State Series Race 1, relished the conditions, exceeding 11km/hr.
Nick Naughton and Steve Hill, in the old double Macquarie, were just under 11km/hr.
The hull of this particular Macquarie was made by Dave Spencer, and completed by Archie Salaris, (probably “the night before”), for the successful tilt at the Mixed Long Rec Double Record in the 2005 Hawkesbury Classic, partnered by his wife, Elaine.
Nick & Steve 1st, Rob 2nd, Mick 3rd, & Jim 4th.
We have been starting the Time Trials a bit early lately (just after 5:00), but if anyone wishes to join in, but needs to start a bit later, we are happy to be flexible. Please let Nick know. Visitors are welcome! Ideally, be able to paddle the 7.5km in an hour, or less.
Good luck, and safe journey, for those paddling in the Championships at Canberra, this Saturday, and “The Bash” on Sunday.
Also, at the Lake Macquarie Paddlefest, on Sunday.