Results from Winter Series Race 5, 29th September 2019

CCP Winter Series Race 5, 29th September 2019

Good weather, slight flow out, an inconsiderate power boat driver, five PBs, a couple of capsizes and a couple of withdrawals!
Congratulations to Cam Tunbridge, Lew Zaska, Rob McPherson, Nathan Podlich and Jessica Hagan.
Commiserations to those who had their day spoiled by an inconsiderate driver, not seen on the River before.
Clarence and Michelle Hines displayed their watercraft wares, which many found interesting, and irresistible!
We have the Interclub at Davistown on the 12th October – info to come.
We meet with representatives from C C Council, 2pm Thursday 3rd, at Lions Park, to again ask them to relocate, or remove, the log, which is not only a hazard, but hampering access to the River. If you can support us with your presence, it would be greatly appreciated.
Again, our faithful Timekeepers, Diana and Margaret, looked after us, and Diana also set morning tea.
ps. due to my error “co-ordinating” the stop watches today, our times were initially “over” by one minute, for the 11.35km and 15km distances – please adjust your Certificates (or get a new one).  “pic of the day” – fastest paddler – Cam Tunbridge.