Results from President’s Cup Doubles June 30th 2019

CCP President’s Doubles, 30th June 2019

What a wonderful winter’s day!
Great conditions on Wyong River.
A hard fought win, in the President’s Doubles today, for the President, Mick Carroll, and Cam Tunbridge in Cam’s double ocean ski – the Blast 2 – for the first time here.
Second, just 14 seconds behind, was the experienced team of Alby Cobb and Geoff Dawes, who improved their previous best time by 26 seconds. ( – missed their start, for the first time! – who knows how it may have turned out!)
Third, was Karen Schofield and Steve Monger, fourth – Marg and Rob Cook, in the third SLR2. Fifth double was Nick Naughton and Clive Adams.
Run together with the doubles, Brendan Clark, in a Time Traveller, was actually first home, in the slick time of 1:00:58. Clarence Hines (Fenn), Rob McPherson (SLR), Lew Zaska (Epic V11) and Cam Mehmet (H. Flyer) followed.
Next week?
The Lucky Prizes were won by Rob McPherson, and Steve Monger.
Thank you to Margaret and Michelle Hines for doing the Timekeeping, and Rob McPherson for the “heating.”
Also, thank you Lew Zaska, for bringing back the President’s Doubles Trophy (he and Gene Burns won it last year, in a time of 54:54.
Cam Mehmet volunteered to organise the MT next race.
ps. pics on facebook here!