PNSW Race 3 Results for CCCC

A lovely sunny day, with a bit of wind, which combined with some flow out, made paddling upstream a bit slower than coming back!
Wonderful to see a good attendance of over 180 Paddlers and those who were comnfident in the conditions enjoyed the PFD exemption in place for the race.!
Looks like we had 15 Starters – Steve Hill and Ross Fraser had a resounding win in Division 9, Owen Walton snared a second in Division 12, and Mick Carroll was fourth in Division 3. Other Entrants were Paul Carter, Cam Tunbridge, Anne Moore, Max Lyons, Marni Kay, Jim Buckland, Jack and Jenny Ward, Nick Naughton, Lyn Crelly & Rob McPherson. Congratulations to all who entered! Unfortunately, Marg and Rob Cook had to put in an apology, as they were unwell.
Full results can be found here and photos from the day are here!
Many thanks to all who contributed to a very successful day – the Timekeepers Karen Forbes and Kay Laurendet, Gary Rake (PNSW) – the many “Mariners” on the various Safety Craft (Tuggerah Lakes Marine Rescue & Lakes SLSC) – and Members Anne Cowper (Starter), Clive Adams & Rob McPherson (buoys), Jim Buckland, Cam Tunbridge, Lyn Crelly (PNSW Trailer & Sound System), President Steve Hill (PR & Gazebos) and Ross Fraser (Gazebos), and any others I may have missed!  Thanks also to the Volunteers in the Marine Rescue Food Van – great job! The “Kiss” Coffee Truck also had plenty of coffee!
There were some Lucky Prizes after the Placegetters’ announcements.
I hope Darren and Nemo have a long and meaningful friendship!
See you “on the water?”