CCCC Time Trial 14, 8th March 2017

The “early birds” – Mick Carroll, SLR, Cam Tunbridge, UNO, and Lyn Crelly, Vajda 52, started about 4:30pm, paddling with Leigh Wilson, OC1, and his Partner, OC1, completing two laps of the “Time Trial” course, in good conditions.
My recent paddling partner, Steve Hill, was OS on business, so I was preparing to dust off the Horizon Flyer, when Aidan Shipton lobbed in, unexpectedly! As the rear seat of the Macquarie double looked the easier to adjust at short notice, we shifted it for Aidan. Perhaps we would have been a bit quicker with Aidan in the front.
We gave Jim Buckland seven minutes start, and at the turn, I could see he was paddling well! Catching him seemed unlikely, but Aidan started putting in “efforts” – despite my reluctance – and we did catch Jim with a couple of hundred metres to go, despite him improving 45 seconds from last week.
Clive Adams had his first Time Trial this year, really testing his “dodgy” shoulder, and only taking an extra minute and a quarter compared to his last effort.
“Resuming Paddler” – Peter Brennan was fourth craft back to Lions Park, where our much appreciated Timekeeper, Anne Cowper, was waiting for us this week, after a more exciting recent experience – on an African Safari!
Our “President’s Doubles Day” is Sunday week, so please let me know if you have a spare double available, or need a partner for your double, or are available to partner someone else. There is still a Club TK2 available. Entry is $10 per craft, with extra Prizes on offer.
Happy paddling!