CCCC Summer Race 4, 2nd April 2017

Thankfully, we have not had the enormous amount of rain other unfortunate souls have had, up and down the continent! We extend our condolences to those who have suffered loss of loved ones, pets and property.
Our River was quite benign today, in comparison, though with some excitement for those in tippy craft at the bottom turn due to the moderate waves being able to extend from the Lake, as the usual sand bar was well covered by the extra water.
Our two “Nautical Lads,” Jim Buckland and Max Lyons, had a return to form, and showed us “the way home” today!
There was fierce competition between the three “back markers” – visiting HVPC President, Ray Baxter; former CCCC President, Mick Carroll; and HCC Record Holder (K4), Cam Tunbridge, with Ray and Cam recording PBs!
Only one second behind, was the greatly improved Sally Verheul and Russell Brown from the “emerging powerhouse” – Newy Paddlers – with the third PB of the race!
Seven craft finished within the next minute – notably Rob McPherson who notched up the fourth PB under less than ideal conditions!
Dual Member (CCCC & Newy) Heidi Duncan earned the fifth PB for the meet.
Congratulations all! Full results can be found at CCCC Summer Race 4, 2nd April 2017
Due to personal reasons, President Marni Kay has decided to resign her position. We thank Marni for her service to the Club since her election in July last year. In that time, Marni has represented the Club at many Events, including the Nationals, Masters and Marathon Series Races.
The Committee has appointed Steve Hill to the vacant position and welcomes him “on board”, following his gracious acceptance today, at very short notice!
Thankfully, kayak racing has relatively few “Rules”, but “in the heat of the moment”, we should remember that “the overtaking craft must give way,” and not endanger, or impede the progress of the craft being overtaken.
Our Committee is adamant that Good Sportsmanship among our Competitors is paramount, and that questionable behaviour will not be condoned.
See you at Tacoma next Sunday for our Club’s PNSW Marathan Series Race? Races start at 10:45am.