2017 CCCC/BWP/HVPC Perpetual Trophy, 11th February 2017, Teralba

The night before, it was a difficult decision for the Organiser, HVPC, whether to race, or not!

Even with hindsight, it was borderline!

However, come racetime, it could have been even hotter, but thankfully, there were some fleeting breezes!

It would be a day of “singularities” – one (perhaps two) withdrawals; just one Paddler with visible signs of heat stress (for a little while only – he’s pretty tough!); a young Lady Paddler having her first race (which she enjoyed immensely – thanks Bernie!); and one Paddler who claimed no discomfort whatsoever! – explaining that he has no heart!

Despite the undeniably hot conditions, it was a successful gathering of Paddlers – all intent on doing their best – just for the self-satisfaction gained from a team effort!

All the turns were executed in a competent, and good humoured manner, and the shallower areas avoided – with the help of local knowledge leadership!

Using his professional expertise, Peter McGee provided a cooling water spray for those in need, as the Start/Finish line was passed during the race, and at the Finish, which was greatly appreciated!

It has been over 40 years since I last raced on Cockle Creek, so my memory of the venue is a little hazy, to say the least, but my vision of the “Old” finish area was a much narrower, and a quite shallow part of the Creek. The present “set up” is very acceptable, and civilised!

Though Owen Walton was initially optimistic of completing the 10km event, he decided to be realistic and just be content with combatting the conditions for the 5km course – even if he was unopposed by a fellow human.

Paul Carter reassessed his chances, and “upgraded” to Division 2 – improving on his original prediction by almost a minute!

I was no help at all, to my paddling partner Steve Hill, at the Start, consigning us to the inhospitable wakes of the many speedy craft ahead of us. Tediously, we gradually reduced the margin between ourselves and the next double, piloted by the very experienced, competitive, and speedy, Marg Cook, (who I had the honor of paddling beside, with Peter Fox – if memory serves, for some considerable number of kilometres in an early 80’s  HCC). We only managed to get our nose in front, when Rob, feeling the debilitating effects of the heat, paused to splash his face! We then  duelled with a kindly K1 Paddler for what felt like many kilometres – where we finished in relation to him, is lost in the haze of exhaustion!

What I thought might be the leading double, piloted by talented BWP Paddler Michael Kerr, with experienced and accomplished doubles paddler, Clare Monger, seemed “too far” ahead, in the final stage of the 10km challenge – (felt like 110km!) Somehow, we closed the gap, and prevailed over them. But the speedy K1s were well out of reach!

CCCC Points, – for 8 craft, were: Owen Walton – 8, Cam Tunbridge – 6, Trudy Carter – 6, Paul Carter – 4, Nick and Steve – 2, for a total of 26.

I believe BWP (appr 17 craft) earned 52 points, – HVPC (appr 13 craft) securing a well-earned victory with 54 points.

Thank you, Teralba Bowling Club!  Official Results are expected soon.

Congratulations to all Competitors, Officials and Supporters for a successful Event!


Nick Naughton, Secretary, CCCC. –